Pest Control Services

We are not your average exterminator

We treat our customers like family and we strive to provide effective, full-service, personalized pest solutions.

Wolverine Pest Services is a family and veteran-owned pest management company with more than 16 years of commercial experience, and we are proud to serve various communities throughout the greater Michigan area including Eaton Rapids, Grand Rapids, Jackson,  Lansing, Grand Ledge, Mason, Howell, Brighton, Ann Arbor, and throughout SE Michigan.

Our pest control specialists are fully licensed in the State of Michigan and with the Department of Agriculture. Additionally, we offer a 30-day guarantee on all of our pest management services.

We are proud to offer effective pest control solutions for residential settings as well as commercial environments to address issues with wasps, hornets, bees, ants, mosquitos, yellow jackets, bed bugs, fleas, mites, spiders, and other unwanted creepy crawlers that try to come into your home.

In addition, we offer rodent control for mice and rats. Unfortunately, at this time we do not offer wildlife control services. For consistently delivering excellent customer care, we are blessed to have a region-wide reputation of excellent, high-caliber pest services.

Wolverine’s experts have been providing industry-leading pest management solutions to the Greater Michigan area for more than eight years. We aim to be a friend as well as an asset to our neighbors and the community. We’re located in Eaton Rapids and serve Lansing, Grand Ledge, Mason, Howell, Brighton, Ann Arbor and the surrounding areas in Michigan.

We offer a flexible schedule and we can accommodate many pest-related, emergency situations (such as bees or other stinging insects). Get in touch with us to learn more about our emergency services.

At Wolverine Pest Services, our pest control experts have the skills and expertise needed to quickly rid your home or commercial space of pests. Contact us today to learn more about our services, to schedule an appointment, or to get help with an emergency pest problem.

Residential Pest Control

All households in Michigan can develop a problem with pests, despite the best efforts of the homeowner to prevent an issue. Most household pests come from the outside of the home through various cracks and crevices. Our reliable, state-licensed specialists will inspect and intensively treat the exterior and interior of your home in order to completely address all pest issues within your household.

Commercial Pest Control

At Wolverine Pest Services, we know the safety and health of your employees and your customers is extremely important to you. We are able to work around busy work schedules in order to rid your business of pests quickly and effectively. We will inspect and treat the interior and exterior of your business every time we visit. Our commercial pest control services are a reliable way to keep your commercial space pest-free all year long. We will provide your business with effective pest control with our premier, industry-leading and guaranteed techniques and results.