Bed Bugs

Residential Bed Bug Control in Eaton Rapids, MI

Have bed bugs invaded your home and made it nearly impossible for you to go about your day as normal?

Before you assume that you can tackle the problem on your own, keep in mind that these insects can be very difficult to get rid of, and it only takes one pregnant bed bug to have a serious infestation on your hands.

Rather than leaving it to chance, contact Wolverine Pest Services to provide effective, professional-grade pest control services in Eaton Rapids, MI and surrounding areas.

Bed bugs are extremely small in size, making them very difficult to see with the naked eye. But that doesn’t mean they’re completely undetectable.

Signs that bed bug treatment may be necessary

  • Brownish/red stains on your sheets or mattress due to bed bugs being accidentally squashed.
  • Tiny black spots (bed bug excrements) that can bleed on sheets like a marker.
  • Presence of bite marks or rash on the skin in conjunction with these other indicators.

If you notice any of these signs, give Wolverine Pest Services a call immediately. We’ll send a residential bed bug control expert to your home as soon as possible so we can identify the infested rooms and begin treatment.

We’ll also treat your furniture and some of the more common places that bed bugs like to hide, even if there is no visible sign of bed bugs – just to be safe. Keep in mind that the bedding and any clothing in the affected rooms will also need to be thrown out or deep cleaned in hot water.

Commercial Bed Bug Treatment in Eaton Rapids, MI

While not as common as a residential bed bug infestation, it is possible that bed bugs may make their way into your office, classroom, or another public place. Bed bugs can attach themselves to clothing, bookbags, etc. and travel outside the home where they can mate and lay their eggs.

If you find bed bugs at your place of employment, notify management immediately so they can take the necessary steps towards contacting Wolverine Pest Services for commercial bed bug control.

After our initial bed bug treatment, we’ll follow up with a second treatment two weeks later at no additional charge.

Wolverine Pest Services is a veteran and family-owned operation that serves both home and business owners in Eaton Rapids, MI and surrounding towns within a 60-mile radius.

We know how difficult it can be dealing with bed bugs and aim to deliver results that give you true peace of mind.

To learn more about our residential and commercial bed bug treatment and control services, call Wolverine Pest Services at 517-999-5008 today.